ESSESSE provide full life-cycle project management and systems engineering services for major multi-disciplined projects

System Safety Assurance

System safety assurance is a critical aspect of ensuring the reliability and dependability of complex systems. ESSESSE provide a comprehensive and systematic approach to identify, analyze, and mitigate potential hazards and risks throughout the lifecycle of your system. This process includes rigorous testing, validation, and verification procedures to ensure that your system functions as intended and meets safety requirements. Effective system safety assurance not only safeguards against catastrophic failures but also instills confidence in users, regulators, and stakeholders regarding your system's overall safety and reliability.

Contract Management

From system acquisition and tendering, design and development, testing and commissioning, through to training and system operations, ESSESSE will ensure your contracts are managed as you you need them to be. We can also assist your legal team to ensure the best commercial conditions are adopted for your particular project and organisation.

Independent Reviews

The insights gained from our independent project reviews can be instrumental in identifying potential risks, recommending improvements, and ensuring transparency, ultimately contributing to the successful execution and outcomes of your projects. ESSESSE undertake an impartial examination to provide an unbiased perspective on your project's progress, performance, and adherence to established goals and standards. Our reviews focus on areas such as project management practices, budget compliance, timeline adherence, and overall effectiveness in achieving objectives.

Business Case Development

Developing a strong business case is the beginning of every great project. ESSESSE will evaluate potential benefits, costs, and risks associated with your proposed venture, including a thorough analysis of market conditions, financial projections, strategic alignment, and potential return on investment. This serves as a valuable tool for stakeholders, enabling them to make informed decisions and allocate resources effectively.

Systems Architecture

System architecture refers to the high-level structure and organization of a complex system, defining its components, their relationships, and the principles guiding their design and interaction. A well-designed system architecture not only considers functional requirements but also addresses concerns such as scalability, maintainability, and performance. ESSESSE will fulfil the crucial role in designing and evolving architectures that align with the goals and constraints of your project and organization.

Software Development

ESSESSE has software developers experienced in interfacing operational control systems with other business systems. We are also developers of simulation systems to assist with the testing and training of system interfaces and integrated system components.